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Natural resources

Australia - Dale & Meyers Operations Pty Ltd
Dale & Meyers Operations Pty Ltd (DTM) is a Queensland and New South Wales based integrated timber operation. DTM predominately serves the needs of leading utility customers under long term contracts in the domestic market and also caters for the needs of the construction and building industry.[Details]
Seeking Investors For Emissions Trading Preferred Shares
Global Carbon Opportunities ¨C Subscription for Preference Shares via EMI Wealth Contained within this document is further information and procedures to secure your subscription.[Details]
Agro Energy Project in Romania
This biomass is not only used by farmers but it also stalls them in preparing the field for next season,having to make extra expenses to clear the field.[Details]
Energy and mining investment projects in Cameroon
It is reported that Cameroon hopes to triple electricity output to 3,000 MW by 2020 through a series of hydro and thermal generation projects.[Details]
Invesment Projects in Petrochemical,Ethanol Production,Electricity and Telecommunications in Peru
Peru hopes to attract investment in petrochemical projects to take advantage of high commodity prices as well as Peru's relative abundance of natural gas.[Details]
Capital Investment Projects in Mining,Metals,Oil and Gas in Peru
Peru is South America's fifth largest natural gas producer and could become a net exporter of crude oil by the year 2010. Peru is expecting US$ 6 billion to be invested in the oil and gas industries in the next four years through four major capital projects.[Details]
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