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Seeking Investors For Emissions Trading Preferred Shares
Brief:Global Carbon Opportunities – Subscription for Preference Shares via EMI Wealth Contained within this document is further information and procedures to secure your subscription.

Sector: Finance
Location: Jersey , United Kingdom
Request: Co-financing
Deal Size: US$70,000

We are seeking investments from 50,000 euros.

Fixed 12 month investment with contracted 24% ROI paid 2% per month and capital return at 12 months.

Interested parties may contact Simon Roberts at email or telephone 0207 718 0219.

Global Carbon Opportunities – Subscription for Preference Shares via EMI Wealth Contained within this document is further information and procedures to secure your subscription.

What is G.C.O. Jersey Limited?

G.C.O. Jersey Limited is a special purpose vehicle created for clients of EMI Wealth Limited to allow interested private investors to participate in this highly lucrative and growing market. Previous fund raising experience by EMI has proved to be very profitable for their clients. Generally the Emissions Trading markets are the preserve of the Institutional Investor and as such are not readily accessible by retail clients.

EMI Wealth are currently finalising a campaign of fund raising with interested parties. Investors are invited to subscribe for Preference shares in G.C.O. Jersey Limited. The shares will have a redemption date fixed 12 months in
the future and carry a monthly coupon. Once the investments have been finalised, a shareholders'agreement will be drawn up for the protection of Investors.

The returns are produced by Clean Energy Capital plc (CEC) trading funds invested by G.C.O. Jersey Limited. Further
details of CEC and the trading process are contained later in this letter.

Background to the Emissions Market

Emissions Trading is the practice of trading carbon allowances and operates like any other commodity market with buyers and sellers trading directly (over the counter) or via an exchange.

Currently 11,000 large EU based industrial entities (and potentially every company and individual in the future) have by law, a limit as to how much carbon they can emit annually and can participate in the EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading Scheme). The emissions limit is set by governments at a level less than they emitted last year which is known as the Cap, and will be reduced each year, thus forcing down over time, the amount of carbon emitted.

Large industrials are given credits known as EUA’s (Europe Union Allowances) up to a maximum of their capped allocation, and one EUA is issued for every tonne of carbon they are allowed to emit in a year. If in a given year they
emit more carbon than they have allowances, then they must buy the equivalent credits from others regulated under the trading scheme, which have emitted less than their allocated allowances.

Therefore the company who has reduced their emissions can profit from selling surplus credits, where as the company who emits more is penalised by incurring the cost of buying credits.

This encourages companies to invest in low carbon technology and processes for their business.Each EU ETS participant has ownership of their credits during the year before they need to surrender them as part of their compliance process. As these credits have a value (currently about 15 Euros per tonne), they can be a source
of finance, security, liquidity and trading profit during the year and participants are increasingly using the trading markets to sup¬port and fund their commercial strategies.

Who is Clean Energy Capital plc?

Clean Energy Capital Plc was established by managing director Sean O'Connor after extensively researching the
emerging clean energy and environmental technology market and identifying that, increasingly significant opportunities were developing for diverse and cutting edge technologies, which could be commercialised to create or
dominate key markets.

With increasing inter governmental co-operation and global political agendas driving regulation and with significant
infrastructure support, the sector was developing sufficiently and giving investors more stable conditions for large scale capital commitments.

CEC has secured tens of millions of pounds in funding for clean technology projects in the UK and overseas and trades in related commodities, such as carbon and power. They are also increasingly active in the rapidly expanding Chinese and US green technology market where supportive regulation and a hunger for environmental and energy solutions are creating significant opportunities.

Their rapidly expanding team has considerable expertise in environmental technologies, fund management, investment appraisal and carbon and energy trading. Their key London office is supported by a team of sales and administration staff who operate from their Leeds and Sunderland offices.

How does Clean Energy Capital trade?

Every day millions of EUA's are traded between industrials, banks, intermediaries and brokers. These significant trading volumes traded amongst a diverse set of counterparties enables Clean Energy to consistently generate positive margins on single and multiple trades.

In simple terms the compliance buyers and sellers (industrials) are involved because they are legally bound under the regulations, whereas the brokers, banks and traders are generally involved for more financial motives. This mix of market forces and scale, coupled with market inefficiencies can create excellent margin opportunities.

Clean Energy deploys multiple trading strategies using their own funds. By securing the buy price before they contract to sell, they are able to trade without the need to speculate on price. Whilst this strategy delivers potentially smaller margins than open speculation, it can be done repeatedly with significantly lower financial risk.
Trading as principal with their own and private investor capital (they do not act as a 3rd party broker) presents
lucrative opportunities and is scalable dependent upon the volume of funds available to trade with at any given time.


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