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Invest Glen Hill Estate Residential Project in Zimbabwe
Brief:Latwick Investments (Pvt) Ltd is offering to create a Joint Venture partnership with your organisation in the development of the 100 Hectare Glen Hill Estate.
Zimbabwe - StrucWorld Property Developers (Pvt) Ltd is anorganisation that specialises in property development, housing construction and in supplying premium quality construction material and construction related services to local residential and industrial constructors.

Project summary
Project Size: 100 Hectares
Nature of Development: 400 residential stands measuring 2 000 square metres each.
Project Cost: US$8 000 000
Project Output: US$15 000 000
Project Profit: US$7 000 000
Project Tenure: 6 to 9 months
Project Status: Agreement to partner with Land Owner in the development entered into.

Latwick Investments (Pvt) Ltd is offering to create a Joint Venture partnership with your organisation in the development of the 100 Hectare Glen Hill Estate. The Estate is part of Rietpoort Commercial Farm which is currently under agricultural use and is set to be developed into a state of the art plush residential suburb which is self contained. The idea is to construct roads, and carry out civil engineering works in an effort to produce habitable residential and commercial stands that are ready to build.

Experience has shown that many home-seekers can afford to purchase stands and develop their own houses over time rather than purchasing a completed ready-to-live-in house. These low density residential stands and a few commercial and social facility stands will then be sold to home seekers on mainly cash and to a lesser extent instalment basis.

The project will be carried out in phases starting with Phase 1 being the construction of roads and water reticulation systems and the general servicing and Title Surveying of the residential stands and Phase 2 the construction of the Houses and a Shopping Mall.

The projected project cost for Phase 1 is US$ 7.7 Million and the projected project output is US$15 million. The project financials are explained in detail in the Financials section of this document.

The success of our Joint Venture Partnership in this initial Phase 1 of the project which is the focus of this document will create an opportunity for the continuation of our business relationship in carrying out of the second phase of the project. The project in its entity is estimated to be worth more than US$75 Million.

Given the timeous availability of financial and other resources, Phase 1 is set to take 15 to 18 months to complete. It should be noted however that we will not wait for the completion of the project to start selling the stands. As soon as the project gets underway, we will start advertising and selling the stands. Once people see progress on the ground, it becomes easier and less risky for them to start purchasing the stands.

This will reduce the period of the return on investment. Groundwork for the project has already begun with the negotiation among Latwick Investments, StrucWorld Property Developers and PSS Planning Consortium to establish a working relationship.

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