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High technology

Trinidad and Tobago - Tamana InTech Park
As a member of the United Kingdom Science Parks Association and the International Association of Science Parks, Tamana InTech Park is the first Science and Technology Park in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a sound investment destination in the Caribbean and Latin America.[Details]
UK - TRANS4mation Group of Companies
T4M was approached by Ghana and several sub-Saharan countries to explore and advise on economic and social opportunities that were thought to exist. T4M is now seeking investors and business partners from all over the world to share numerous business opportunities.[Details]
Chinese Company to Build Pilot Training Center in Singapore
Sichuan Haite High-Tech Co Ltd will invest S$95.3 million to set up an aviation training center in Singapore, the first major investment in Singapore by a Chinese company in the aviation business. [Details]
Seeking Investors For Emissions Trading Preferred Shares
Global Carbon Opportunities ¨C Subscription for Preference Shares via EMI Wealth Contained within this document is further information and procedures to secure your subscription.[Details]
New Technologies and Mass Production of Modular Systems and Processing of Gas Directly
Introduction of new technologies extracting natural gas from shale in the past ten years brought the U.S. into first place in the world in terms of its production.[Details]
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