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Investment Incentives in Zanzibar
Why invest Zanzibar
There are many reasons to support your decision to choose Zanzibar to host your investment, including:
• Minimum political risk: Zanzibar is relatively stable politically, socially and economically. Private investments are welcomed and protected both constitutionally and through international conventions to which Zanzibar, being part of the United Republic of Tanzania, is a signatory;

• Strategic location: Zanzibar is placed within the trade routes of the region and offers an effective springboard for entry into the region.

• Availability of skilled, trainable English speaking labor;

• Free repatriation of profit;

• 100% foreign ownership allowed;

• Opportunity to employ expatriates in key positions;

• Constantly improving business environment;

• Regional and International market concessions;

• Utilize the East African and SADC market by using Zanzibar as a hub for regional trade;

• Enjoy export quotas to EU market;

• Utilize American Market through AGOA;

• Proximity to land-locked countries in Central and Eastern Africa.

The Investment Law offers a lucrative package of incentives including:
1. Exemption from import duty & similar taxes on machinery, equipment, construction/raw materials & other inputs ;

2. Exemption from taxes on goods for export;

3. Exemption from corporate tax;

4. Sale of up to 20% of production to the local market (subject to taxes);

5. Exemption from tax on dividend for ten years;

6. Exemption from any local taxes for goods produced in the zone;

7. On site customs inspection.
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