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Property & Construction

Greece - Rokka Villas Construction - Greece
Rokka Villas Constructions is a property investment and development company in Greece. We have been developing high quality properties in Athens and Meganisi, and offer our clients full legal service, providing them one-stop service.[Details]
LAW FIRM A.A. GEORGHIOU has 35 years experience in Immigration and Nationality Law, Real Estate and Property Law, etc, providing one-stop-legal and paralegal services for acquiring property and obtaining Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus and Greece.[Details]
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis - Beaumont Park--TDI Asia
TDI Group is an international, legal and financial advisory group providing integrated Citizenship and Immigrant Investment solutions with real estate options in key worldwide markets for high-net-worth individuals, in an effort to secure international mobility, as well as personal and financial security.[Details]
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