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Invest Pleasant Valley Estate in Zimbabwe
Brief:StrucWorld Property Developers is offering to create a Joint Venture partnership with your organization in the development of the 6 hectare Pleasant Valley Estate.
Zimbabwe - StrucWorld Property Developers (Pvt) Ltd is anorganisation that specialises in property development, housing construction and in supplying premium quality construction material and construction related services to local residential and industrial constructors.

Project summary
Project Size: 6 Hectares
Nature of Development: 100 residential stands measuring 1 000 square metres each
Project Cost: US$550 000
Project Output: US$1 000 000
Project Profit: US$450 000
Project Tenure: 3 to 6 months
Project Status: Agreement for land purchase entered into by land owner.

StrucWorld Property Developers is offering to create a Joint Venture partnership with your organization in the development of the 6 hectare Pleasant Valley Estate. The Estate which used to be under agricultural use is set to be developed into a residential area.

The idea is to construct roads, lay down the sewer network as well as other civil and structural engineering works in an effort to produce habitable residential and commercial stands that are ready to build.
Experience has shown that many home-seekers can afford to purchase stands and develop their own houses over time rather than purchasing a completed ready-to-live-in house.

These residential stands which will mainly be 500 square metre medium density stands will be sold to home seekers on mainly cash and to a lesser extent installment basis.

The projected project cost $550,000 including the intrinsic value of the land and the projected project output is $1,000,000.

The project financials are explained in detail in the Financials section of this document.

Given the timeous availability of financial and other resources, the project is set to take 3 to 4 months to complete. It should be noted however that we will not wait for the completion of the project to start selling the stands. As soon as the project gets underway, we will start advertising and selling the stands. Once people see progress on the ground, it becomes easier and less risky for them to start purchasing the stands.
This will reduce the period of the return on investment.

Groundwork for the project has already begun; Our Engineers have begun carrying out the project planning process.
The Pleasant Valley Estate is located in Tynwald about 15km west of Harare City Centre along Bulawayo Road and can be easily accessed through the Harare-Bulawayo trunk road.
The Pleasant Valley Estate is bounded by Harare’s Western residential areas to the North across Bulawayo Road by Tynwald South, to the south by Cold Comfort, to the east by Warren Park and to the West by Kuwadzana.

The project is located within the fast expanding Harare Metropolitan Province and this makes it ideal for intensive urban development.

It is also in close proximity to well serviced trunk roads which allows the development’s beneficiaries’ easy access to Harare’s commercial and employment hubs and other social facilities. The project is close to existing water and sewerage infrastructure. This reduces the overall project costs and makes the Estate attractive to residential stands seekers.

There is massive demand for housing land in and around Harare and throughout Zimbabwe at large. According to the Municipal Housing Director’s Forum, Zimbabwe requires about 2 000 000 new housing units to clear the current housing backlog and more than700 000 hectares of land are needed to accommodate these new housing units.

Harare alone has close to 1 million home-seekers registered on its housing waiting list. Many others do not even bother to register on the list due to slow delivery of the new housing units.
This project, a mere 6 hectares in its totality will just be a drop in the ocean and will capitalize on this great opportunity created by this huge market gap.
There are existing municipal services close to this land that may be immediately utilized for further housing expansion in this area. Sewer connections are already available in the surrounding suburbs mentioned above.

The land used to be under agricultural use but due to a high national demand for housing a change of land-use process was initiated by the land owner and approved by the relevant authorities the Harare City Council.

The local authority, Harare City Council has pledged full support to this proposed project and will assist in with all the required municipal, town planning and other statutory approval processes. It is within the local authority’s interests to encourage urban expansion within its area of jurisdiction as this will expand the local authority’s revenue base.

The Harare City Council is also supporting this project as it stands to benefit from the sale of its existing municipal services.

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