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Invest Linear Park of Tamana InTech Park
Brief:There are many investment opportunities in Tamana InTech Park in Trinidad and Tobago. Welcome foreign investors all over the world join us.
Project Summary
The Linear Park would be the recreational hub at Tamana InTech Park in Trinidad and Tobago. It will be constructed along the historic World War II (north) runway which is approximately 2 km in length. The approximate area of the Linear Park is 45 hectares and its location is adjacent to the new University of Trinidad and Tobago, and the Moriche Palm Reserve which is an environmentally sensitive area.
The Linear Park would comprise of several features, inclusive of 
    • Recreation Centre
    • Boathouse Café
    • Moriche Palm Interpretive Centre
    • Tobago and Aripo Nature Resource Interpretive Centre
    • Information Tower
    • Maintenance Complex 
Type of Investment Required 
The investment being sought is for an entity either as a sole investor or a joint venture with local and/or foreign partners to undertake the construction and long term operation of this facility.
Investment recovery 
The estimated Development Cost of the Linear Park is TT$ 200Mn (US$31.2Mn). The investment to be made would be recovered by putting in place an entrance fee as well as the retailing of food and drink and other paraphernalia at the facility.
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