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"Ecuadorian Shrimp Meets Chinese Dumplings" - Ecuadorian Culinary Promotion Event Held in Beijing
Ecuador, often known as the "Country of the Equator," is a South American nation blessed with diverse natural landscapes and renowned for its high-quality agricultural and seafood products. Among these, the South American white shrimp, found along the Pacific coast, stands out as a delicious and tender delicacy, making it a highlight of Ecuadorian cuisine.
On November 25th, the "Ecuadorian Shrimp Meets Chinese Dumplings" culinary promotion was held at Green Box Dumplings Restaurant in Beijing, jointly organized by the Embassy of Ecuador in Beijing and Pro Ecuador, the Ecuadorian export and investment promotion agency. The event was attended by Mr. Luis Fernando Rojas, the Commercial Counselor of Ecuador Embassy to China, along with more than 30 Chinese media representatives.
Mr. Luis Fernando Rojas delivered a speech, emphasizing Ecuador's distinctive geographical location along the Pacific Ocean and its favorable natural conditions, which have given rise to a diverse array of fish resources. Among these, the farmed white shrimp, renowned for its thin shell, succulent meat, and rich flavor, has gained popularity as a sought-after seafood delicacy in European and American cuisines. As China approaches the winter season and the traditional Chinese New Year, dumpling-making becomes a cherished tradition. Ecuadorian white shrimp promises to enhance this culinary experience, creating a delightful fusion in the event titled "Ecuadorian Shrimp Meets Chinese Dumplings." This journey perfectly combines both elements to elevate the festive meal.
Mr. Li Haiwen, Operations Manager of Green Box Dumplings Restaurant in Beijing, expressed their commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients, and indeed, Ecuadorian shrimp enhances the texture and freshness of dumplings. Thanks to global integration and Ecuador's active support, it's now easy and convenient to procure the most natural and high-quality shrimp from the distant waters of South America. Guo Jindun, Product Development Manager of Green Box Dumplings Restaurant, also expressed the aspiration to create a transcultural delicacy by incorporating the delicious white shrimp into Chinese dumplings.

During the culinary interaction session, under the guidance of the restaurant's chefs, attendees enthusiastically began crafting dumplings, creating a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. As expected, during the tasting session, Ecuadorian shrimp dumplings won over a substantial number of enthusiasts who marveled at the shrimp's succulence and tenderness.
The Ecuadorian shrimp grand prize draw added excitement to the event, with 8 lucky guests, including representatives from iQiyi, Sohu, and China Trade Newspaper, taking home the delectable Ecuadorian shrimp.
This extraordinary freshness and sweetness of the shrimp can be attributed to Ecuador's preservation techniques. Local regulations dictate that shrimp harvesting occurs from 10 PM to 2 AM, ensuring a short window between harvesting and packaging, thus maintaining high freshness. Individual quick freezing technology allows each shrimp to be thawed separately, making it convenient for consumption, with little difference in taste and texture from freshly caught shrimp.
With the rise of consumer preferences for imported seafood and the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in China, more and more domestic consumers are embracing imported seafood. According to statistics from the International Trade Organization, in 2016, the total import value of seafood products in China exceeded 46.3 billion RMB. As we savor the high-quality Ecuadorian shrimp today, it's impossible to ignore this culinary delight. Many attendees expressed their intention to introduce this delicacy to a wider audience.
Culinary experiences have a way of bridging the gap between people. While indulging in these flavors, attendees gained a deeper understanding of this exquisite delight from the other side of the world and a heightened sense of longing. Even as the event concluded, the memory of the succulent white shrimp lingers on their palates.


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