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Doing Business in Tamana InTech Park, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is well on its way to becoming a knowledge-based economy with the construction of Trinidad and Tobago's first Science and Technology Park, Tamana InTech Park.

Tamana InTech Park is an eleven hundred (1,100) acre light eco-industrial park with an academic and research focus located at Wallerfield, a former United States World War Two Air Force Base. The area is now being developed to meet the needs specific to this high-tech park.

A member of the United Kingdom Science Parks Association (UKSPA) and the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), Tamana has been segmented into four areas to foster a cluster environment.

These are: Information Communication and Technology (ICT) & Knowledge Based; High Value Manufacturing; Agro Industrial and Mixed Use. With a deliberate focus on the Tamana brand along with Trinidad and Tobago’s bold statement that “We are Next” Tamana will attract a cadre of foreign investors to a world class quality development.

Tamana InTech Park will be home to major technology players and the place where groundbreaking and innovative ideas emerge. More importantly, Tamana unlike any other Science and Technology Park will have a unique blend of environmental appeal (30% green) along with industrialisation.

The Park’s largest tenant, The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) will provide the necessary synergy between industries and academia in the areas of industry sponsored research and managing innovations and intellectual property.

Trinidad and Tobago will be the premier address in the Caribbean for US, Canadian and European businesses.

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