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New Technologies and Mass Production of Modular Systems and Processing of Gas Directly
Brief:Introduction of new technologies extracting natural gas from shale in the past ten years brought the U.S. into first place in the world in terms of its production.

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Introduction of new technologies extracting natural gas from shale in the past ten years brought the U.S. into first place in the world in terms of its production.

In the near future quiet "gas revolution" as sometimes referred to as the production of shale gas, will cause redistribution of the energy markets. The total mass of natural gas in shale is enormous. According to various estimates, it will be sufficient to ensure human energy for at least a hundred years. Another source of natural gas, an even more significant in terms of - gas methane ice - promised to finally put an end to super-profits from the export of hydrocarbon gas. Overabundance of gas in the world market will inevitably have an impact on the world oil market. Oil is an indispensable energy mainly for stand-alone transport - diesel rail cars, ships, airplanes. United States, the main importer of oil, 70% of its consumption is used for the production of motor fuels. For heating homes, power plants and factories can use other fuels such as gas and coal. Coal and gas are now being translated American power for the speedy elimination depending on Middle Eastern oil.

This problem is in the plans of the Obama Administration is designated as number one: "For the sake of our economy, our security and future of our planet, I will set a clear goal as president: In the next 10 years, we finally have to end our dependence on oil from the Middle East."

Simultaneously in the U.S., Japan and Germany were rapidly develop programs create vehicles that run on a combination of electricity and gasoline. The fact that in ten years, China plans to become a world leader in electric vehicles, announced officially. Translation program to transport fuel oil for electricity coincided with the development of oil shale industry. They are aimed not only at improving the environmental situation, but they are part of a strategy to reduce dependence of import (U.S., Europe, China) on oil and gas in the Middle East, South America and Russia.

For leading oil and gas production Arab Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, the impact will be very strong, but not fatal - the economies of many Gulf countries are diversified. In this great service leaders of these states. But in any case at the current pace of development of oil shale industry on a global scale and new technologies of energy saving effect of energy-exporting countries will be rapidly reduced to a small value.
Natural gas is a cleaner energy source, unlike coal, oil and other hydrocarbons.

Its disadvantage as a source of energy is high transportation costs that are higher in comparison with the oil in five or more times.

At the same time became available technology for processing natural gas into a stable transportable synthetic products (technologies GTL - «gas to liquid") - a synthetic oil and synthetic motor fuel. Primary processing of natural gas into synthetic products allows for five or more times the price of refined products compared with raw materials. Constrains large-scale development of technologies for processing natural gas into synthetic products are the high cost and long payback periods plants GTL.

The solution is to develop new technologies and mass production of modular systems of preparation and processing of gas directly in the fields. Technology for processing natural gas into synthetic products repeat the process of carbon oxidation by oxygen (if the rocket with liquid oxygen or air, if an aircraft engine). These processes are well known to specialists of aircraft and rocket engine. Rocket engine or the aircraft is the oxidation reactor. Missile and air-water reactors (engines) carry in itself the most advanced technical solutions 20 and 21 and other than the actual process must perform a number of important tasks to ensure the preservation of human life in its transportation and freight. In Samara and Zaporozhye region has accumulated rich experience in manufacturing missile and aircraft engines, created a scientific school with arrivals in 1946 from Germany 700 experts aircraft and rocket engine plants Junkers and BMW Motors. Sharing Russia and the Middle East Research, manufacturing capacity and financial resources lead them into the leaders of manufacturers of equipment for oil and gas industry. Production of modular equipment will provide a large number of orders.

A proposal for collaboration is:

1. Creating the Design Bureau to develop a technology training (including desulphurization, drying gas, etc.) and processing of hydrocarbon gas (electricity, synthetic products, etc.).

2. Implementation of licenses to use the technologies developed.

3. Production and sales of equipment made on the basis of the developed technologies.

4. Processing of on-premise resources of natural gas and other hydrocarbons, including the untapped resources of associated gas, shale gas, gas, marginal fields, the gas with high content of hydrogen sulfide, etc.

5. Manufacture and sale of equipment of synthetic products and electrical energy using the energy of the exhaust gas compressor stations of trunk gas pipelines.

One option for the application of new technologies may be the construction of the Irans - Afghan gas pipeline to give in gas compressor stations, electric power and synthetic fuels for energy and adjacent areas. In the face of increased competition in the natural gas market, gas processing equipment in synthetic products, especially in countries remote from the markets (South America, Africa, Australia and others), with payback periods of less than 3-5 years, will have a high demand.


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