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Invest Free Economic Zones in Zanzibar
——Invest Free Economic Zones in Zanzibar
Zanzibar, which is part of the United Republic of Tanzania, re-introduced the Free Zone program in 1992, after its initial proclamation in 1892, as a part of its diversification process, which started with trade liberalization in 1984. For a long period Zanzibar economy was dependent on clove. The basic assumption was that free zones would help to diversify the economy, create and foster sustainable industrial base.
Zone development >>
All zones except Amaan Industrial Park are free for any potential investor to develop. The investor is expected to develop the zone and renting the shed/warehouse to other investors willing to invest within the Free Zone.
Investing with Export Processing Zones >>
The scope of investment opportunities is wide but focus is generally given on manufacturing, assembly, recycling and processing for production of different commodities.
The following activities are among the preference of the Government because of their immediate socio-economic linkages and development impact:
• Textiles and garments
• Shoe and leather products
• Metal work and engineering
• Wood processing
• Furniture and joinery
• Paper and pharmaceutical - based clove products
• Plastics
• Soaps
• Electronics assembly
• Infrastructure and industrial state development
• Blocks and tiles
• Salt production
• Motorcycle assembly
There is also great potential for agro-related industries which private investors can engage in. These include:
• Food processing and fruit canning
• Export fresh fruits
• Seaweed processing
• Marine product processing
• Animal feed processing
• Dairy processing
• Integrated use of coconut by-products
• Deep sea fishing
• Fish farming
• Fish processing
• Fish canning
Apart from above sectors EPZ offers limited opportunities in services projects. These include up market hotels and tourism related business.
ZIPA allows a substantial range of activities, including services oriented functions to take place within the Free Port areas. The Authority makes every effort to facilitate and ease operations within the zone. The opportunities available under the Free Port include:
• Warehousing and storage
• Labeling, packing and repacking
• Sorting, grading, cleaning and mixing
• Simple assembly
• Minor processing
• Reshipment
• Freight forwarding
• Quality control services
• Export oriented airport and seaport based activities
• Catering and many more
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