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Tamana InTech Park’s North Area Development
Brief:There are many investment opportunities in Tamana InTech Park in Trinidad and Tobago. Welcome foreign investors all over the world join us.
Project Summary
A projection of the population of the Tamana InTech Park in Trinidad and Tobago is estimated at 20,000 persons of which the University of Trinidad and Tobago population is projected to be 8,000. Wallerfield will be a strategic location with respect to the main population and to social service centres in Trinidad and Tobago. It is therefore envisioned that supporting services for the Park must be developed in a locale north of the Tamana InTech Park which is referred to as the North Area. These supporting services include:

   1. Housing/residences for university
        students and staff
   2. Residences for park tenant employees
   3. Hotel accommodation for visitors to the
        Park and/of Park tenants
   4. Social services and amenities, such as:
         • Postal services
         • Banks
         • Shops
         • Eating establishments
         • Laundries
         • Recreational facilities e.g. sporting
           complex, Cineplex, etc
         • Eco-friendly parking facilities for tenants and visitors to the Park, as well as, for the
           residents of and visitors to the University Village with safe and secure access from
           the parking area into the Park
         • Central transportation hub
Type of Investment
The investment being sought is for an entity either as a sole investor or a joint venture with local and/or foreign partners to undertake the construction and long term operation of this facility.
Investment Recovery
The estimated Development Cost of the North Area Development is TT$ 513Mn (US$80.0Mn). The actual investment to be made will be recovered through the lease of the facilities constructed. 

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