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East China's Jining propels high-quality industrial development by improving industrial chains, fostering featured industrial clusters

JINING, China, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report from GLOBAL TIMES ONLINE: 

Jining city in east China's Shandong province has made great strides in promoting high-quality development of industries by fostering and strengthening featured industrial clusters of its top 10 industries and improving industrial chains in a targeted manner.

So far, four industrial clusters in the city have been designated as provincial-level featured industrial clusters. They have gathered 1,332 companies and provided 178,000 jobs, and generate combined annual main business revenue of 90.26 billion yuan ($12.95 billion).

Wenshang chemical industrial park, a provincial-level chemical industrial park located in Wenshang county of Jining, has made notable achievements in forging a circular economy model and forming industrial clusters for the purpose of helping enterprises reduce costs.

Putting Jining Zhongyin Electrochemical Co., Ltd., a leading enterprises of the city's chemical industry, at the core of its development, the industrial park has introduced large-scale high-tech supporting projects that can play an important role in driving the development of relevant businesses and industries to boost connectivity and cooperation among its tenants.

In recent years, the industrial park has constantly extended and strengthened the industrial chain for the chemical industry, and preliminarily cultivated four major industrial clusters featuring salt chemical, fine chemicals, new chemical materials, and new coal-derived chemicals.

The industrial park has 52 tenants, among whom 25 have begun production. Last year, the annual output value of companies in the industrial park totaled three billion yuan.

"A lot of companies in Wenshang chemical industrial park, including our company, have formed key links of the upstream and downstream of the chemical industrial chain, which have brought great economic benefits to us. In particular, it makes the supply of raw materials more convenient and helps save raw material transportation costs," said Ni Ping, general manager of a new material manufacturer based in the industrial park.

The company is about to put into operation a project for producing organic amine-functionalized materials with an annual capacity of 100,000 tonnes. The products of the project will be used in fields including aerospace structural materials, and the raw material of the project, cyclohexanone, will be supplied by its close neighbor Jining Zhongyin Electrochemical Co., Ltd.

"Wenshang chemical industrial park will continue making attracting investment from businesses closely related to the chemical industrial chain as the primary driving force for development, gather factors for innovation at a faster pace, leverage industrial platforms, optimize resource allocation, and try our best to grow into a new highland of green development of chemical industry in Shandong province," said Wang Chunsheng, deputy director of the administrative committee of the economic development zone of Wenshang county.

Since the beginning of this year, various local governments across Jining have pooled strength to boost industrial clusters and continuously improve industrial chains.

In Liangshan county of Jining, the first phase of a newly introduced printing project with a designed annual capacity of 30 million copies was completed recently. The advanced printing and binding production lines of the project are expected to significantly elevate the printing quality and efficiency for educational books and improve the short slab of printing service shortage in Lianshan county's industrial cluster of educational books.

Most of the books used in the local cultural industry were printed in other provinces, and it usually took seven to 10 days to transport these books to Liangshan county, according to Wang Tao, general manager of the printing company which launched the printing project in Liangshan.

"Now we can respond to customer needs quickly and send off urgently needed products in three days," Wang said.

During the past two decades, Liangshan county has constantly extended its industrial chain of educational publishing industry, and formed a complete industrial chain covering such links as editing, printing, publishing, distribution, and logistics services.

In the first half of this year, the county's industrial cluster of educational books recorded combined sales revenue of 13.6 billion yuan, up 10 percent year on year.

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