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Chinese investors invited for Zambia trade expo
China has a lot of capacity in terms of investments that are able to come and transform economic sectors in Zambia, a business expert said here on Tuesday.
Mukumbi Kafuta, president of Northwestern Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the chamber working in conjunction with the Northwestern administration has invited Chinese investors to come and be part of an event to help bolster development in the 11 districts in Northwestern province.
"Chinese investment has its own strength, some projects in Zambia has proven that Chinese have come to transform some of the sectors such as in infrastructure development," he said.
Kafuta said the Northwestern expo is expecting to receive Chinese investors and this is the reason the event was marketed and promoted in China.
Speaking in an interview with Xinhua on Tuesday, Kafuta said Chinese should take advantage of the expo to consider investing in mining, agriculture, energy, agro-processing, forestry and tourism in Zambia, a southern African nation.
"Zambians should take a leaf and learn from a strong Chinese manufacturing industry if the country is to benefit from the Asian nation," he said.
On products, Kafuta said many merchandises that are imported into Zambia and the European countries are manufactured in China.
Kafuta called on Zambians to consider partnering with would-be investors in projects which have not taken off.
On the expo which takes place from August 18 to 24. The business expert called on the local people in all the 11 districts in the province to embrace the expo as it is an opportunity to develop Zambia.
The benefits will be for the people of Northwestern province and the country as a whole, he said.
People in Northwestern Zambia should identify and create opportunities for partnerships with the would-be investors, he said.
Apart from Chinese investors expected to be part of the northwestern expo in Zambia, other expected investors are from Europe, America and Canada.
He said the chamber will continue working with the Zambian government to strengthen investment in the province in other sectors apart from the viable mining industry.
"The chamber in conjunction with provincial administration, had written to missions abroad and we expect Chinese, American, Canadian and European investors to come and attend the expo as they come to identify investment opportunities," he said.

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