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Angola plans to receive more investors from China, says ambassador
Angola expects to receive more investors from China with more projects, Angola’s ambassador to China, João Salvador dos Santos Neto said in an interview with China Daily.
“Chinese companies are making a big contribution to Angola by helping to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by the civil war of the past, such as roads, hospitals, schools and others,” said the ambassador.
Neto highlighted the case of China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co Ltd (CTCE), which has been involved in projects in Angola for 11 years, with around 800 workers at its premises in Luanda, 60% of whom are Angolan nationals.
Several Chinese companies and private investors are involved in industrial projects in Angola, helping to promote the country’s economic and social development, while driving job creation, the ambassador said.
The diplomat noted that Angola is China’s second-largest trading partner in Africa, and the country benefits from a mild climate and fertile soils, which is an area for Chinese investors to explore.
He also said he hoped that the Chinese could invest in the fishing sector, given the potential in the area, as Angola, with a coastline of 1,650 kilometres, has unique and diverse aquatic products, including fish and shellfish.
More than 60 Angolan companies were represented at the first China-Africa Trade and Economic Exhibition, held 26-29 June in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province in central China.
The ambassador recalled that there are currently over 190 Angolan students studying in China under scholarships from both the government and several private companies, and 500 others are expected to study in China over the next three years.
Trade between Angola and China in 2018 grew 24.21% year-on-year, with China selling US$2.235 billion (-2.70%) in goods and purchasing goods worth US$25.519 billion (+27.29%).

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