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China Business Network Successfully Organized a Fam Trip to Puerto Rico
With the great support of Puerto Rico Tourism Company(PRTC) and Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico(DDEC), China Business Network(CBN)led a delegation of Chinese investors, tour Operators and also representative from CCTV  for a Fam trip to Puerto Rico, to inspect the local investment projects, aiming at making Chinese enterprises and investors know more about Puerto Rico, enhancing the business and investment exchange between China and US, and developing the economy and tourism of Puerto Rico.

Located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico as a world-class business destination has consistently ranked No. 1 in term of GDP in Caribbean and is the economic center of Caribbean, where is the first choice for Chinese enterprises to invest in Latin America. It is easily accessible from New York, Washington, Miami and even South America, thus, Puerto Rico becomes the popular holiday destination of wealthy and celebrities from the United States and even the world.

As a territory of the United States, Puerto Rico is under United States Legal Framework. To develop its business, the government of Puerto Rico provides generous tax incentives to attract the overseas investors, which is a tax haven for the investors.

Mr Juan Carlos Suárez, Under Secretary of DDEC introduced the history, economy, tourism, tax policies etc., to the delegation, and mentioned that Puerto Rico with the excellent investment environment and favorable tax policies is the idea destination for Chinese investors and enterprises.

During a week of Fam trip, Chinese delegation inspected some investment projects in Puerto Rico, such as hotels and resorts, and enjoy the fantastic Caribbean experience, who expressed that they will consider the details of investment projects in Puerto Rico after coming back to China.
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