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Edinburgh Looks to Attract More Investment from China
Brief:The Edinburgh Innovation and Investment Showcasing Seminar was successfully held in Beijing on Nov.17.
Edinburgh is looking to attract more Chinese business to invest in the city's infrastructure, property and tourism to meet the growing demand, and create a long-term cooperative relationship for companies of both sides.
Councillor Frank Ross, the City of Edinburgh Council welcome Chinese investors to Edinburgh Elaine Ballantyne, Head of Investor Support & External Relations introduced the business opportunities in Edinburgh supported by Wendy Liu, Senior Economic Development Officer 
Councillor Frank Ross, the City of Edinburgh Council, said in the Innovation and Investment Showcasing Seminar held in Beijing on Monday that the delegates' visit this time aims to seek new deliverable opportunities with Chinese developers and potential investors.
Mr Jim Galloway, Head of Enterprise & Innovation, Economic DevelopmentDr Adam Wu,CEO  of China Bisuness Network was invited as a moderator

"Edinburgh offers considerable investment potential in office, hotel and infrastructure sectors with many major developments currently underway. Additionally, there are many residential, commercial and student accommodation developments across the whole city."
 Speaking of the competitive advantages, Ross said the city benefits from one of the UK's most highly educated and productive workforces, as well as the unrivalled quality of life that makes the city a magnet for international talent and tourists.

In order to boost the city's development, Edinburgh is also trying to push UK governments to introduce more flexible visa policies for overseas students who graduate from local universities.
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