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Xi Jinping and Kazakh President Meet in Almaty To Renew Friendship
Brief:Chinese President Xi Jinping and Kazakh President had an in-depth conversation on bilateral relations and major issues of common concerns in an intimate, friendly and sincere atmosphere.
On September 8, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was on a state visit to Kazakhstan, in the company of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, visited Almaty, the hometown of Nazarbayev, the largest city in Kazakhstan, and the economic and cultural center of Kazakhstan.

To show his friendly feelings toward President Xi Jinping and seize the time for an exchange of views, President Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to take the special plane of China with President Xi together to visit Almaty. In the morning, the two heads of state leaders got on the plane. Nazarbayev said that he had the feeling of being at home and in China the moment he got on the plane.

The two heads of state had breakfast on the plane and had an in-depth conversation on bilateral relations and major issues of common concerns in an intimate, friendly and sincere atmosphere.

The nearly-2-hour flight from Astana to Almaty passed unknowingly and the two heads of state had yet finished their talks. There were still many important issues to discuss. Nazarbayev invited Xi Jinping for another meeting in Almaty so as to continue the important conversation unfinished on the plane.

In the afternoon, President Xi Jinping arrived at the restaurant situated in the foothills of Alatau Mountains. He was welcomed and greeted by President Nazarbayev and the senior government officials of Kazakhstan at the door. During the lunch, they continued conversation. Both sides agreed that they would cherish the friendship between them, would maintain close contacts in various forms and would strengthen top-level design of the bilateral relations.

The two heads of state came to the garden for a walk. Medeo Natural Park is surrounded by green hills, with streams gurgling on. The Kazakh folk singers and dancers, dressed in festive costumes, were singing the folk songs and dancing the folk dances to welcome the Chinese guests. On the bridge between hills, a Kazakhstan tenor sang the Nessun Dorma (No One Shall Sleep) in Turandot. Xi Jinping and Nazarbayev enjoyed the performances with great interest.

Several yurts with rich ethnic styles were dotted on the green grassland under the shade of trees. The two heads of state walked into the yurts. The Kazakh youth welcomed them with singing and dancing. They even sang Chinese songs "Half a Moon Climbs up" and "The Moon Represents My Heart".

The two heads of states looked to the majestic Tianshan Mountains in the distance. On one side of the mountains is Kazakhstan; while on the other side is China. The two heads of state said that Kazakhstan and China have over-1700-km-long border line and the two countries should strengthen cultural exchanges and promote cooperation between Xinjiang and the adjacent areas of Kazakhstan so as to make the border line became the common bond of friendship and cooperation. The two heads of state reiterated their firm support to each other and their respects to each other's choices of development paths according to their national conditions.

Xi Jinping gave a brief overview on China's economic development. Xi Jinping stressed that the Chinese economy is developing with a good momentum. China will adhere to taking a holistic approach to pursue steady growth, conduct structural readjustment, and promote reform. China will strive to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth and promote the transformation of development patterns and economic restructuring. We are confident to maintain sustained and healthy development of China's economy.

Nazarbayev expressed confidence that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, China will be able to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and move forward toward the established goals. The whole world is watching this road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. History will make an objective and impartial judgment. Only China develops well, can Kazakhstan develop well. Kazakhstan expects to catch the fast train of China's economic development and is willing to strengthen coordination on their respective development strategies and achieve common development.

Both sides agreed that Xi Jinping's visit is a great success. The two heads of state jointly planned the future for the Sino-Kazakh relations. The two sides signed a series of important political documents and cooperation agreements. The two sides should take the high ground, expand pragmatic cooperation and push bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership to a new level.

On the moment of parting, Nursultan Nazarbayev presented to Xi Jinping local specialty apples as gifts. He said to Xi Jinping that Almaty in the Kazakh language means the "town of apple" and hoped that President Xi Jinping would bring the apples back to Beijing. Kazakhstan wishes China-Kazakhstan friendship and cooperation fruitful.

The short two-day visit was coming to an end. The two sides waved goodbye. Nazarbayev said to Xi Jinping said that Xi's visit has upgraded mutual trust between China and Kazakhstan to a new height. Xi Jinping said to Nazarbayev that his hospitality and friendship to the Chinese people will be rewarded by the sincerity of the Chinese people. The two heads of state promised to see each other again in the future.
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