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Investment on Factory Shells at Tamana InTech Park
Brief:Tamana InTech Park in Trinidad and Tobago can offer series of investment opportunities. Welcome foreign investor!
Project Summary
At present, what is available for prospective investors on Tamana InTech Park in Trinidad and Tobago is vacant land. The administration building to house the office of e TecK and other interested tenants has a targeted completion date beyond 2012. Likewise, no facilities are available to those tenants that are interested in leasing space for either offices or undertaking a manufacturing operation.

This opportunity focuses on the construction of Factory Shells to house those tenants that are seeking working space to either house innovators, entrepreneurs and business operators who would be engaged in research and development and/or light manufacturing activities. 
The size of land that will be made available to construct these factory shells is two lots each approximately 4,000 sq m in dimension. The facilities to be constructed on each lot are two shells each 700 sq m in dimension and one of 1,600 sq m. Ideally, each shell would be fully utilised by a single operating entity, however, should the need arise the larger units can be sub divided to accommodate multiple tenants. 

Type of Investment Required
The investment being sought is for an entity either as a sole investor or a joint venture with local and/or foreign partners to undertake the construction, operation and transfer of the proposed factory shells. 

Investment recovery
The amount of factory space required to house prospective tenants in the first phase of Tamana InTech Park is approximately 6,000 sq m. The cost of construction of these facilities is approximately TT$8000 (US$1,250) per sq m which translates into an investment of approximately TT$48.0Mn (US$7.5Mn) for the proposed 6,000 sq m. 

At present, the lease rates that are being applied for the rental of a factory shell in the proposed region ranges between US$3.00 per sq m and US$5.00 per sq m per month. The actual lease rate is informed by the age and quality of the facility, the size of the space being leased and the duration of the lease. 

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