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Invest water infrastructure development for Chiredzi Town
Brief:Chiredzi Town Council welcome foreign investors to invest their water infrastructure development. Besides, there are many other investment opportunities waiting for you!

Rapid growth in population and development of industry is resulting in increase in the demand for water supply.To counter this water demand, Chiredzi Town Council is seeking a loan from China Exzim Bank of a total sum of US$2.67 Million for the following:

    1. Increase in water treatment capacity from the current 3.5ML/day to 10ML/day
    2. To increase monthly revenue from current US$200 000 to US$1 million by year 2017

The project entails the rehabilitation of the existing water treatment plant and further expanding the water treatment facilities to required capacity. The project will also include water reticulation, tools and equipment.

This project will also include use of modern technology to detect malfunctions and increase operational efficiency of the infrastructure. 

Chiredzi Town has secured a facility to borrow 50% of funds from the Central Bank for the construction of a hotel with a golf course. The site is available and surveyed. A partnership with established hotelier who can manage the contract will be welcome.

Chiredzi Town has a site of an Exhibition Park for Culture events, art galleries, theatres and golf courses.

More lodges and tourist facilities (shops, cafes, filling stations, campsites, etc.) are limited in Chiredzi Town. 

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