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Danish Design,Innovation Appeal to Chinese Businesses
Brief:AEA helps leading Chinese enterprises build up their international brand with Denmark to get Danish design into Chinese productions.
Denmark's industrial design and human resources capacities could attract Chinese investors, founder of Aigo Entrepreneurs Alliance (AEA), a club of leading Chinese entrepreneurs.

"Denmark is a design center. Design here is simple and popular," said Feng Jun, also chairman of Aigo Digital Technology, a Chinese consumer electronics firm.

"Chinese-made factory goods are reasonably priced, and their quality is getting better and better. But design is still a big headache. I think Chinese manufacturers should cooperate with designers here. They should find partners, find human resources and establish design centers," he told Xinhua at a business conference at Denmark's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

AEA helps leading Chinese enterprises build up their international brand. It has sent a delegation to tour several European countries, including Denmark, to study where to locate its EU incubator hub or headquarters.

"People here want to create things that show care for consumers. This is why I am interested in Denmark," said Sun Wanfeng, chairman and CEO of Beijing Uniocean Maritime Co. Ltd, a shipping firm.

"In AEA we mainly focus on helping brands to go global. So we need highly educated people and good partners. I am very impressed with that here," said Feng from the Aigo Digital Technology, referring to Danish human resources skills.

This is music to the ears of Invest in Denmark, a unit of the foreign ministry tasked with attracting foreign investment. It also coordinated AEA's visit here.

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