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Limited opportunity to invest in Lacacão Golf & Beach Resort, Cape Verde

Lacacao Golf & Beach Resort is one of the most important real estate tourism projects in Cape Verde. A luxury exclusive Golf & Beach Resort, framed in a unique natural area, huge white sand beaches and turquoise sea, where the quality of life is our commitment.

The Master Plan Lacacão Golf & Beach Resort is an initiative of Bucan LDA, in partnership with the Cape Verdian public entity, SDTIBM.

The land for the project Lacacão Golf & Beach Resort is located on the beaches of Lacacão (Santa Monica) facing south, in the south of the island of Boavista, Cape Verde and spread over an area of 700 hectares with a coastal frontage approximately 6 km, consisting of large beds of white sand beaches that are a great tourist attraction.
The buildable area of the project is distributed in 75 acres for hotels mainly on the beachfront, 273 Acres of Residential/Hotel use that extends throughout the project area, 64 acres for residential use only. A privileged area bordering 78 acres allocated for the realization of an 18 hole golf course, 13 acres for commercial use, which together with a large area of recreation and leisure use of 69 acres will increase tourist interest in this extraordinary area of Boavista. The service areas of 13 acres and the green areas that are distributed throughout the project make a sustainable development and will fully integrate it into the countryside.

Investment Opportunities

With the commitment to "the Island of Dunes" by the largest international tour operators, Tui and Thomas Cook they have added to the availability of Boavista’s prestigious sun and sea hotel by chains such as RIU and IBERO STAR. The influence of customer demand will increase the number of Hotels. Due to the excellent natural conditions that the island offers, these customers will transform parts into residential areas.  Lacacao Golf  & Beach Resort is designed to give quality service in response to these two demands. As has happened in other tourist areas it is recognized that to be located in the south of the island, they will enjoy better environmental conditions for their development.


1) Politically and socially stabile. A democratic country with a government friendly to foreign investment.
2) Economic stability, a medium-developed country where there is a huge market to explore, with cheap labour.
3) Corporate tax exemption for 5 years for companies with investments in tourism.
4) Strategic geographical position, five hours from major European destinations and two hours from the Canaries.
5) Optimum weather conditions all year.
6) A country with 10 exotic islands  with distinct opportunities and all are well connected.

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