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Investment Projects of Tourism and Food Products in Croatia
Brief:The goal of this project is to offer the autochthon products (food and drink) from our own production.

The goal of this project is to offer the autochthon products (food and drink) from our own production.

Most of the entrepreneurs in Slavonia invest in rural tourism and planting vineyards. They do not think that the guests are coming to those family farms(economies) and are staying up to one or two days only. That is why Hrvoje Benic from Pozega has came up with a project according to which the guests will come to these economies to stay 7 to 10 day and would offer them different programs and facilities. The elite guests will have the opportunity to go around the whole region (Slavonia and Baranja) and see all the riches.


This project is about the way of how to bring together the agriculttural production through the autochton products which would be offered through direct sales on my own property and the surplus of the porducts would be offered to the hotels and restaurants on our coast and in that way we would connect seaside with our region.

The built facilities would be used for the accomodation of the smaller groups of visitors and business people who would come to stay for more days. The business meetings would take place there, as well as lunch and dinner gatherings but only by upfront announcement. This means that this is not intended to be an offer for masses but exclusively for reserved groups which would get top offer and recreation.

The company would exclusively be dealing with continental top elite tourism in Slavonia and Baranja region/ Brodsko -posavska county/place: Srednji Lipovac/Croatia through the offer of autochton products (food and drinks) from our own agricultural production and some products made according to special wishes of the visitors.

The building for the visitors would have accommodation capacity for 10 to 15 people with rooms that would be exclusively equipped in the autochthon style with bathroom and wardrobe, playground for children, the living room, dining room, kitchen, vine cellar, terrace and other recreational facilities. At a disposal to guests there would be an open and closed swimming room, jacuzzi, sauna, fitness outdoor tennis court, volleyball court next to the pool, archery and bicycles for riding around the region etc. There would be a possibility to visit other establishments in our region: vine cellars and vineyards, restaurants, cultural sights, family economies, and towns. The guests would have at their disposal different activities: hiking and visiting GEO park 'Papuk' , hunting, fishing and other activities according to their wishes or they could simply choose to work on the farms in the garden, planting their own piece of vineyards and orchards with the help of our employees and after 3 -4 years they could try their own wine form the vineyard they planted themselves ( in a bottle with their own label), rakia made of fruit, marmalade, jam, natural juice or compotes.

Production line for the wood processing

Potential buyers of our food products would be the guests who are staying at our economy, hotels and restaurants, different companies and other people who want to try out are home made products (eko - etno products made in the way our grandparents made it).

As a part of the project there will be also the production line for the wood processing which could be realized at the very beginning of the project. In the vicinity there is one production line for the wood processing and a saw-mill which we have currently rented. The wood products would soon pay out the production because of the huge quantities of timber, wooden furniture production, carpenter work related to building up objects for tourism and timber sawing for perennial crops (pickets, picket fences for cattle etc.) Depending on the season the same workers could work on both production line for wood processing and on the farm.


The investments in the project would be carried out in 4 phases:
1) Buying of the 20 hectar of land (and machinery) and planting of perrenial orchards and vineyards;
2) Buying of the land (cca 150 hectares) for farming and cattle breeding as well as cattle supply. Planting of the different agricultural sorts for cattle feeding (cow - calf, sheep and autohton black pigs). Building of warehouses and silos;
3) Building of the tourist objects and furniture equipment. Building of the vine cellars, building for production of agricultural products and a warehouse. Purchasing of the equipment and machines for production;
4) Opening of the economy for the visitors and offer of the home made products.

Total investment would be carried out during the period of one to three years. For the first and second phase 2,5 - 3 million euros should be provided. Altogether for the whole project between 6 and 7 euros would be needed. The investment dynamics would be conducted in agreement with potential investors. It is important to point out that there are no similar projects in the Slavonia and Baranja region and in Croatia there is only a few. Investments are justified and are not short term, but long term investments. They would be multiply paid out because we would be developing what makes the richness of our region - agriculture, tourism and wood processing.


Location of project : Srednji lipovac
Region: Slavonia and Baranja , Croatia


From Srednji lipovac to:
1) Slavonski Brod - 49,0 km
2) Požega - 12,4 km
3) Osijek - 128,0 km
4) Zagreb - 175,0 km

1) Osijek - 128,0 km
2) Zagreb - 175,0 km


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