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BlueRun Ventures China Announces Rebranding to Lanchi Ventures

BEIJING, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueRun Ventures China ("BRV China" or "company"), a leading early-stage technology-focused venture firm, today announced that it is changing its English brand to Lanchi Ventures. The company has launched a new website  to provide greater clarity and differentiation from BlueRun Ventures (BRV), the venture capital firm headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Back in 2005, BRV saw that entrepreneurship and technology innovation will be a global phenomenon. It opened its China offices, contributing to the growth of local entrepreneurship ecosystem. BRV China differentiates by investing early, focusing on technology and taking a long-term view in partnering with Chinese founders. Over the past 20 years, it has invested in nearly 200 early-stage tech start-ups in China.

"During the past 20 years, BRV shared the same brand and investment philosophy with investment teams from various geographic regions, all of which had a positive impact on the growth of BRV China," said Jui Tan, Managing Partner of Lanchi Ventures. "We appreciate the support that BRV provided all those years. We will continue to embrace our Silicon Valley heritage and maintain a disciplined and systematic investment approach."

Since entering China, BRV China team has used a distinctive Chinese brand and will continue using it as it is well recognized by Chinese entrepreneurs in China. BRV China and BRV are separate entities and have been managed independently since 2010.

"Our mission for supporting Chinese entrepreneurs remains unchanged since our inception in 2005. We will continue to focus on early-stage venture investment and helping Chinese entrepreneurs to go global," said Jui Tan.  

About Lanchi Ventures

Lanchi Ventures (formally known as BlueRun Ventures China) is a leading early-stage venture firm with offices in Beijing and Singapore. Having its heritage in Silicon Valley since 1998 and entered China in 2005, Lanchi Ventures has managed over $2 billion through multiple USD and RMB funds. Lanchi Ventures focuses on investing in entrepreneurs who create a sustainable impact through technological innovations. The firm has invested in nearly 200 portfolio companies, including Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI), QingCloud (688316.SH), WaterDrop (NYSE: WDH), Energy Monster (NASDAQ: EM), Mogujie/Meilishuo (NYSE: MOGU), Qudian (NYSE: QD), Ganji/58.com, PPTV, Guazi, Gaussian Robotics, Yi Auto, Nanyan, etc. The firm has been recognized as the "No.1 Early-Stage Investment Firm" in China by Zero2IPO and ChinaVenture, and "Consistent Performing Venture Capital Fund Manager" by Preqin. For further information, please visit .



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