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CIIE promotion adds confidence among companies in Hong Kong

SHANGHAI, Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The warm ambience at the first promotional event of the sixth China International Import Expo was unforgettable, said several participants, adding that they listened carefully, discussed and interacted, and were loath to leave.

Including the event held in Hong Kong on March 8, the sixth CIIE, to be held from Nov 5-10, has organized promotions in more than 30 countries and regions against the backdrop of the world economy's difficult recovery.

After the Hong Kong event, more than 50 exhibitors from two exhibition groups organized by the city's Trade Development Council confirmed participation in the sixth CIIE.

Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong said that they have found the CIIE values and supports Hong Kong enterprises' development in the mainland and makes them more confident to develop there. "Stronger confidence" has become a consensus among companies that attended the Hong Kong promotion and they are looking forward to the sixth CIIE.

There is also an important opportunity for young scientific and technological innovation enterprises in Hong Kong to integrate into the overall situation of national development with the help of the CIIE platform.

Kenneth Lee, co-founder of You Origin, said: "I distinctly felt the 'high standard' of the CIIE last year when I participated for the first time.

"Compared with other domestic and foreign exhibitions I have attended, the CIIE enjoys a grander scene, more exquisite venue design, more globalized exhibitors and more professional audiences."

Through the CIIE, the startup in the food industry quickly opened the Chinese mainland's market, attracted many partners, and obtained confidence in development. As an agent for a coconut flower nectar product, the company began to sell products via cross-border e-commerce after its exhibition at the fifth CIIE.

The CIIE's global promotions are also of "high standard" and "significance", according to Lee. After the event in Hong Kong, many professionals from the media, investment institutions and government agencies exchanged contact information with him.

Several small and medium-sized businesses that had hesitated about participating in the CIIE attended the promotion and consulted Lee afterward.

Different from You Origin, Fung Group is an "old friend" of the CIIE. As a century-old Hong Kong company, it has attended the CIIE for five consecutive years.

Stephen Fung, the group's China president, said: "The CIIE is a large stage for China to deepen opening-up and share chances with the world and also a big stage for us to exhibit the newest business fruits and innovation practice."

The group has won business and sealed cooperation deals in the smart supply chain and new retail fields via the CIIE in the past five years.

"Stronger confidence" was also Fung's first feeling after he attended the promotion. Many corporate representatives from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong exchanged their insights into industries and development focus in China, Fung said. He adding that they looked for potential partners at the event and laid a good foundation for later cooperation at the CIIE.

Participation in the promotion was also fruitful for Fung Group.The CIIE's global promotion made Fung feel that the CIIE would have a larger circle of friends, he said.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council has organized the CIIE Hong Kong pavilion for five years. It has witnessed companies from the special administrative region take advantage of the CIIE to grow.

Stephen Liang, assistant executive director at the council, said it would assist more Hong Kong companies in seizing new development opportunities via the CIIE.

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