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DXY completes USD 500 million financing, to enhance its professional role in healthcare sector

HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 28, DXY, a leading digital healthcare technology company in China, announced the completion of a USD 500 million financing. This financing was led by Trustbridge Partners, and followed by Tencent Investment and GL Ventures. Li Tiantian, Founder and Chairman of DXY, said that the company will, driven by both two ends – physicians and the public, strengthen collaboration with professional doctors and enterprises, so as to give play to the expertise of all sides and be a guide for healthy life.

As Chinese people's awareness of health and consumption rises and changes, the medical and health industry is accelerating its development in the online landscape. In July 2020, DXY released a "dual-core strategy" that connects its brand focusing on the public DX Doctor with its brand targeting physicians DXY.cn, to gather professional strength and offer reliable products. With this financing, DXY plans to keep consolidating its core pillar – physicians' expertise, supporting the growth of Chinese doctors; and at the meantime, it will reach closer partnership with doctors, enterprises, medical institutions and other professional resources to explore more medical and health scenarios. Through a professional, credible, sustained and holistic portfolio delivered by DX Doctor, the company aspires to improve the quality of Chinese people's healthy life and fulfill the vision of "MORE HEALTH, BETTER LIFE".

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DX Doctor – a platform operated by DXY, took the lead in introducing a COVID-19 Global Pandemic Real-time Report, which has become a major source of global data on the pandemic. Meanwhile, it promptly launched public welfare products such as science popularization and rumors refutation articles, online free consultations, and COVID-19 open classes at both physician and public ends. With these products generating more than 8.6 billion visits/ views, DXY has contributed a lot to the global fight against the novel coronavirus.

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