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Chengdu's Wenjiang District holds online seminar on 28 new measures to further improve business environment

- The district aims to take the lead in leveraging a collaborative approach to building a business-friendly environment enhanced by the sharing of resources

BEIJING, May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 14, huanqiu.com, in collaboration with the Office of the Wenjiang District (Chengdu) Business Environment Steering Group held a seminar with a focus on discussing the adoption of 28 new policies designed to further enhance the environment for conducting business in the district.

Livestreaming of the Wenjiang seminar
Livestreaming of the Wenjiang seminar

During the event moderated by Strategic Cooperation Office at the School of Economics Peking University deputy director and Peking University China Brand Value Evaluation Research Platform secretary general Liu Xueming, several industry professionals shared their insights into the new measures in their opening speeches, including School of Economics Peking University vice dean Zhang Yaguang, Strategic Cooperation Office at the School of Economics Peking University director and School Of Economics Peking University (Southwest Campus) executive vice dean Yan Yu, Beijing Shenzhou Boya Medical Research Center director and NewMargin Capital senior partner Li Xiaoqiang, M.D., China Chengxin Credit Management Co., Ltd. vice president and China Business Integrity Research Institute president Zhang Yingjie, and huanqiu.com editor-in-chief Zhu Yan

Zhang Yaguang expressed the opinion that Wenjiang District is well positioned to set a new benchmark in China with an exemplary business environment. He said, "The overall approach to the effort focuses on further defining the relationship between the local government and the market, alongside designing a science-based, effective and efficient mechanism within the inclusivity framework."

Zhang Yingjie added, "The district should move forward with ongoing innovation in policies and measures, improvement in the government service environment, reduction in the costs of doing business for companies located in the district, enhancement in the sharing of credit information and evaluation of the digitalized business environment with the goal of creating an international business-friendly environment."    

Zhu Yan shared her experience when visiting Wenjiang. She said, "WuXi AppTec, among other leading Chinese companies taking the lead in establishing facilities in Wenjiang, recognizes the district's unique advantages when it comes to building a quality-based health industry ecosystem that brings together the three branches of healthcare -- the study of medicine, the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and the application of medical therapies, as well as the two branches that focus on longevity – health maintenance and elder care. Five years ago, the district made a forward-looking decision to invest in the innovative integration of the various branches, opening up unlimited possibilities for the future of the health industry overall."

Yan Yu shared his insights into the Wenjiang District Business Environment White Paper, "In 2019, the district focused on responding to the needs of market players and consumers by testing 20 of the proposed measures, all of which were specifically designed to accelerate the transformation of the healthcare sector, providing the country and beyond with an effective solution for building a business-friendly environment."

Li Xiaoqiang said, "The healthcare-first health industry ecosystem enhanced by a science-based approach is an essential component of an industry-specific business environment."

During the online event, the Office of Wenjiang District Business Environment Steering Group executive deputy director and Wenjiang District Administrative Examination and Approval Department director Silang Wangxiu reviewed the 28 new measures, "The Office has optimized the 2.0 version of the Goals and Programs for Building a Business-friendly Environment in Wenjiang by benchmarking against Beijing and Shanghai, among other top-tier cities across China in terms of the endeavor. In addition, the district will pay special attention to improving some underperforming sectors by leveraging extensive partnerships in terms of developing actionable policies and measures backed by ongoing innovation."  


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