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Achievement release conference for Far East hosted "Advanced Intern Challenge" successfully held

On August 8, the achievement release conference of the "Advanced Intern Challenge", hosted by the Far East Holding Group, a global investment management specialist, successfully concluded. 36 interns from 12 universities attended the week-long activity, which started from August 3.  

During the activity, interns went deep into the first line and the grass-root level and gained a comprehensive understanding of the Far East. Through the challenge activity, they further consolidated the team spirit and appreciated the gorgeous scenery in the south of the Yangtze River. It was more than a journey of learning and transformation, but an experience tour in one of China's top 500 enterprises.

It is understood that this activity was initiative in the industry and it comprehensively demonstrated Far East's strength in employer brand building and brand event planning, which is widely concerned by all sectors of society.

Over the years, the Far East has been committed to building the "Best Employer Brand". The enterprise focuses on creating a good environment for employees, building a platform for talents to realize value and meeting employees' needs of learning and development, paying attention to employees' rights and satisfaction, continuously developing employees' potential and achieving a win-win situation for the enterprise and employees. That's why the Far East has been awarded the "Best Employer Brand" award, the most recent during the 12th China Employer Brand Conference, for many years.

This activity was to further build the "Best Employer Brand" for the Far East, and it was an important move to put the talent introduction work in the first place and also helped the enterprise make creative annual marketing events, which further revealed the connotation of the enterprise brand. This is considered a milestone significance in the talent strategy implementation of the Far East.

Through this activity, more talents will know the Far East and its talent strategy, which will in turn will help the Far East become the best employer in more and more people's mind. In the future, in terms of talent introduction and training, the Far East will continue to adhere to the path of sustainable development, extend its reach to more aspects, give full play to the aggregation function of enterprise brand, create a talent strategy with its own characteristics in order to become bigger and stronger.

Far East Holding Group

Founded in 1985, Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Yixing Fandao Instruments and Meters Factory. Now it has become a global investment management specialist, and is listed among the "Top 500 Asian Brands", the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", the "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises", and the "Best Employers in China". Its current annual revenue is nearly RMB 50 billion, its brand value reached RMB 655.88 billion, and it employs 10,000 employees.

Far East is always committed to shouldering the mission of "Creating Value, Serving the Society", following the good vision of "Co-build and share safe, green and better life", upholding the core value of "Focusing on Customers, Centering on Staff Excellent in Both Quality and Performance, Ambitious and Passionate, Honest and Pragmatic, Pursuing Innovation and Excellence, self-reflective, Achieving Harmony and Win-Win", and achieving the responsibilities of "Customer Satisfaction, Staff Satisfaction, Stakeholder Satisfaction, Government Satisfaction, and Society Satisfaction".


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