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Thyssenkrupp to Open Production Site in Morocco
Brief:ThyssenKrupp Materials Services announced the opening of a new sales and production site in Morocco.
ThyssenKrupp Aerospace is a branch of ThyssenKrupp’s materials services, which is expected to open near Casablanca this summer.
The new site will offer more than 2,000 square metres of warehouse space for raw materials such as aluminum, steel, and titanium in various forms and alloys. In addition, a “cut-to-size” service will allow customers to order the material in the size required.
The facility will be Thyssenkrupp’s second in North Africa;Egypt was its first on the continent and the company’s 44th worldwide.
Even before the official opening of the ThyssenKrupp’s aerospace facility, two supply agreements have been signed with aircraft parts Figeac Aero Maroc and ARM Group, while negotiations with other partners are ongoing.
“We are pleased regarding the positive feedback from customers in Morocco,” says Hans-Josef Hoss, COO of ThyssenKrupp Materials Services. “This facility is an essential element of our future strategy of growth in the region–because of its good structure regarding the aerospace industry, Morocco offers an ideal environment.”
ThyssenKrupp Aerospace is a major service provider for materials, supply chain solutions, and metals processing in the aerospace industry worldwide.
Joachim Limberg, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Materials Services, stated that the new site underlines Thyssenkrupp’s ambition to be reliable and strong partner alongside their customers, highlighting “With our broad and deep experience as a system partner, we ensure that our customers can focus even more on their core business by taking on the complete management of logistics, warehousing, and supply chains

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