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Savor Endless Delights: Top-Quality Coffee and Irresistible Cocoa, All in Ecuador
You might already know that the world's finest chocolate comes from Belgium, but did you know that the cacao beans for even the best Belgian chocolate hail from Ecuador?
You may be aware that the world's most expensive coffee is civet coffee, but did you know that coffee beans grown in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands without any chemical additives are as precious as jewels?
Recently, an Ecuadorian coffee and cocoa promotion event in Beijing captured the attention of many industry professionals and media. Participants immersed themselves in the ocean of delicious chocolate and coffee, while Mr. Luis Fernando Rojas, Commercial Counselor of Ecuador Embassy to China, elucidated the mysteries of Ecuadorian coffee and cocoa. The Ambassador of Ecuador to China, along with his wife, was present, extending an invitation to Chinese industry professionals and individuals to visit Ecuador's plantations for firsthand exploration.
H.E. Mr. Jose Maria Borja, the Ambassador of Ecuador to China, attended the event.
The wife of the Ambassador of Ecuador to China observed the live ice cream preparation.
As more and more Chinese people become knowledgeable and passionate about coffee and cocoa culture, the secrets of this "Country of the Equator" are gradually being unveiled.
Ecuador boasts the world's highest-altitude Arabica coffee plantations. Since the introduction of coffee trees to Ecuador in 1875, the quality of its coffee has remained consistent for a century. Coffee harvested in early June each year is referred to as the "best-tasting coffee in the world." Ecuadorian coffee beans come in two varieties, Galapagos and Gigante, characterized by their large size and weight. The Galapagos Islands, with their unique geographical conditions, grant coffee beans exceptional genetics. What sets Ecuadorian coffee apart is its cultivation without the use of any chemical additives. As land suitable for the growth of Arabica coffee trees in Ecuador gradually diminishes, Galapagos coffee becomes even more precious.

Mr. Luis Fernando Rojas, Commercial Counselor of Ecuador Embassy to China, delivered a presentation  onsite
Belgium is renowned worldwide for its chocolate, increasingly favored by the Chinese in recent years. In the eyes of Belgians, the most delicious chocolate is still Pierre Marcolini's chocolate.
As the World Dessert Champion in 1995 and European Dessert Champion in 2000, Mr. Marcolini's success philosophy centers on absolute respect and dedication to ingredients. Ten years ago, he decided to become an outstanding chocolatier and began his quest for the finest cacao beans from around the world. He aimed to rediscover the essence of chocolate and unlock its true flavors. All products sold in Marcolini's stores, whether it's chocolate, almond cake, jam, or caramel, are crafted in Marcolini's workshop, ensuring pure taste derived from unadulterated cacao beans.

Ecuadorian cacao and coffee beans
The Marcolini brand features cacao beans from 14 different regions, with Ecuador leading the way, followed by Brazil, Cuba, and others.
So why did Mr. Marcolini choose cacao beans from Ecuador to create the world's top-quality chocolate? Here's the answer in numbers: it lies in the charm of aromatic cacao. Only 5% of the world's cacao production is of the aromatic cacao bean variety, and a staggering 63% of this 5% hails from Ecuador. Due to its unique geographical and climatic conditions, Ecuador produces cacao beans, 80% of which are of the aromatic variety.
To date, the world's most exquisite chocolate is To'ak chocolate, with a price tag as high as $260 for a 1.5-ounce bar. This chocolate is made from Ecuadorian cacao beans.

Ecuadorian chocolate maker Mr. Juan Fernando creates Ecuadorian specialty ice cream on-site.
As the Chinese economy rapidly develops, people's demands for quality and taste in their daily lives increase. Mr. Luis Fernando Rojas, Commercial Counselor of Ecuador Embassy to China, emphasized that Chinese consumers should not miss the opportunity to learn about Ecuadorian coffee and cacao. At the event, participants not only enjoyed delicious chocolate but also witnessed the live production of Ecuadorian specialty ice cream by the chocolate maker Mr. Juan Fernando, whose creations earned enthusiastic praise from those in attendance.

Chocolates and exquisite desserts during the event
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