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China ODI to rise in 2015
Brief:China's ODI by non-financial firms surged 40.6 percent to $10.17 billion in January 2015.
China's outbound direct investment (ODI) will continue to post robust growth in 2015, evidence of Chinese companies' efforts in going global, according to a Thursday report from the nation's top economic planner.

China's non-financial ODI is estimated to reach $113 billion, which is an increase of about 10 percent from that of 2013, noted the report on the implementation of the 2014 plan and on the 2015 draft plan for national economic and social development.

"We will move faster to build a system for providing financial services to outbound investment, expand the channel for using foreign exchange reserves, and provide better financial services, information services, legal services, and consulate protection for Chinese enterprises investing overseas," noted the report.

The latest data showed that China's ODI by non-financial firms surged 40.6 percent to $10.17 billion in January.

Agencies-Global Times

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