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China's Investment Boosts African Integration
Brief:China's investment in Africa boost the local economic development and create tremendous job opportunities for the native residents. Moreover, China's investment promote the integration in Africa.
China's investment in Africa has helped accelerate regional integration in the continent by bridging the infrastructure gap, a Kenyan entrepreneur said.

Chris Kirubi, a Kenyan industrialist and businessman, said, "By investing to build ports, railway lines and roads, China is helping African countries open up to trade with each other."

Kirubi, who owns Kenya's most popular radio station Capital FM, said he believed that the media should play a central role in bringing people together in terms of Sino-Africa relations development.

"Media of China and Africa should highlight where the success story is and where their failures are and also encourage people's relationships," he said.

"With the media's efforts, we hope that more Chinese will come to visit Africa, not only for business, but also for tourism," Kurubi said. "Let them come to the new world and the new wonderland, Africa."

The businessman said he thinks it is much easier to negotiate and to work with Chinese people because there is no colonial legacy.

The real estate tycoon's comments came as latest official statistics showed that the world's second largest economy's foreign direct investment in Africa stood at around $20 billion by the end of 2012, with $3 billion added to the total last year.

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