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Chinese Investors Interested in Kenya
Brief:A number of Chinese investors are interested in investing in Kenya. By the end of June, China's direct investment in Kenya was at $474 million.
The average annual growth of bilateral trade between China and Kenya has been 30 percent in recent years, and the value last year totaled $2.84 billion, according to data from the Embassy of China in Kenya.

By the end of June, China's direct investment in Kenya was at $474 million.China is Kenya's second-largest trade partner.
An increasing number of Chinese companies are seeking business opportunities in Kenya, amid the African country's efforts to push ahead with industrialization.

Chinese investors are eyeing sectors such as property, tourism, hotel and infrastructure construction in east Africa's largest economy.

Yu Wu, director of Beijing Hasan International Investment Management Co Ltd, said that Chinese firms are showing great interest in the country, especially in sectors related to tourism.

"Investing in Africa, including Kenya, has great potential and we feel lucky that we're going there earlier and have found many business opportunities," said Yu at the Kenya-China Investment and Business Forum, held in Beijing.

According to Yu, his company has already developed four property projects in Angola and one in Ghana, and is now mulling new opportunities in Kenya.

"Real estate and hotel companies are the most optimistic in Kenya, and we have seen many successful instances of Chinese companies there," said Liu Jianguo, executive director of agriculture and real estate investments at the China-Africa Development Fund.

Industry leaders in Kenya include China Jiangxi Corp for International Economic and Technical Cooperation, Jingu Group and Fujian Construction Engineering Group, which have already invested in property and infrastructure projects there and have accumulated lots of experience.

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