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China Investment Corporation expands its influence to the world
Brief:CIC, as one of the good quality investment companies in China ,expands its influence to the world.China has more good quality companies in nowadays
China Investment Corporation (CIC), a sovereign-wealth fund, has the third-largest stake in Songbird Estates, which controls Canary Wharf Group, the property firm behind the towers that dominate the city’s eastern skyline. CIC may soon become an investor in the Citigroup building, another landmark skyscraper, which is for sale.
Officials want to diversify further into real assets, including companies. CIC will reportedly be handed another $100 billion-200 billion of reserves to invest, for example, and some of that money will find its way to Europe.
For its partners CIC’s attractions are obvious. As well as that big pot of money, it may bring in the Chinese occupiers of tomorrow. Property consultants already report rising numbers of inquiries from Chinese companies about office space. Insiders think CIC will eventually invest in accommodation for students, which may be filled by Chinese youngsters attending British universities.

As time went on, there are more and more companies like CIC in China.

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