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Officials urge Chinese to invest more overseas
Brief:Chinese investment overseas are required more.
In 2010, China overtook Japan and the United Kingdom to become the world's fifth-largest overseas investing nation as the volume of investment surged by 21.7 percent to $68.8 billion.
Regions including Oceania and EU have witnessed the most rapid investment growth in the past few years, although the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America are the top two in absorbing Chinese investment by volume.

A larger outflow of Chinese overseas direct investment (ODI) could help the global economy regain and sustain its growth momentum, even as uncertainties remain over the strength of the global recovery, said officials from both China and overseas.
While the global economy is troubled by debt crises and speculation abounds concerning a double-dip recession, Chinese investment is becoming increasingly important for the world. 

Wang Shengwen, deputy director-general of the Department of Outward Investment, said that the growing debt crises will provide Chinese companies with a great number of foreign investment opportunities during the next two decades.

"Developed regions, including the US and the European Union, Australia and emerging markets" very much welcome China's investment, said Wang.

Algeria plans to allocate $286 billion to attract overseas investment in a number of projects, including the construction of highways, schools, medical centers and airports. "Chinese investment is very important for us and our experience as a growing economy during the past three decades" needs to be understood, Kouiret said.
Together with countries such as Sudan, Algeria is a top African destination for Chinese overseas investment. "Chinese investment means discipline, quality and an interesting price," she said.

It's not only about emerging markets, as those from developed economies have also voiced their enthusiasm.

"If Chinese companies invest in Lithuania, they are investing in the European market. This is our value to Chinese companies," said Rimantas Zylius, economy minister of the Republic of Lithuania.

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