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Over 10 State Leaders and Multinational CEOs to Attend 2nd WIF
Organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the 2nd WIF will be held 6th - 9th September 2010 in Xiamen, China.

Officials with the 2nd WIF Organizing Committee said on 4th this month, the overarching theme will be "Investing in Sustainable Development". The WIF 2010 will take place at a time when the global economy appears to be on its way to recovery. 
The opening ceremony of the 2nd WIF will be held on 7th September in Xiamen International Conference Centre. Mr Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary General of UNCTAD will be present and make the welcome speech. China’s State leaders will deliver keynote speech to announce the opening of the forum. 

During the WIF 2010, UNCTAD will organize a meeting between the heads of 5 states and governments and CEOs of 5 multinational corporations. On 8th September, the organizing committee will hold three high-level tripartite sessions in which senior government officials, heads of investment promotion agencies and corporate executives will discuss prominent issues related to FDI, TNCs, and investment promotion.

World Trade Organization Director General Pascal Lamy, International Trade Center CEO, China Citigroup CEO Andrew Au, India Tata Steel Vice Chairman Balasubramanian Muthuraman, China Power Products Division North Asia Region and China ABB President Bernd Muehe, China Wal-Mart President and CEO Ed Chan have confirmed to attend the 2nd WIF. 

Ministerial level officials from over 30 countries including United States, Turkey, Argentina, Egypt, Zambia, Laos, Afghanistan and Cambodia, and nearly 10 heads of states have confirmed to attend the forum.


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